Amateur, Youth Sports Bring Our Community Together

By Councillor David Hill

Well spring is springing and with that we get some amazing 67s playoffs and soon the season opener for the Ottawa Titans – and I can’t wait!

Some of my fondest memories have been watching local baseball, chatting with friends and watching my girls running around to catch fly balls.  Amateur sports has long been a passion for me.  I played most of them either back in my school days, university and the army.  More recently, I can remember many evenings walking home from Ken Ross Park with the family only to get sidetracked and watch a game or two – Eagles Football, East Nepean Little League, Barrhaven Scottish Rugby, Ottawa South United Soccer or even some adult slow pitch.

There is something real and engrossing about the energy and passion that sports bring – Even if the players aren’t bringing home NHL calibre salaries.  The smiles tell the whole story. This year will be another interesting outdoor sports season here in Barrhaven after the disruption of the last few years.  I am genuinely hoping that I get a tonne of phone calls trying to deconflict the bookings due to over-subscription … that would be awesome!  We need it.

It has been a tough slog for many and the opportunity to just have some fun with friends, get a bit of fresh air and exercise, it builds community spirit.  I am so grateful to all of our local sports associations, volunteers and coaches.  You are the backbone of the spirit that shapes so many of our kids into the adults that they become, and for our adults it allows for some comradery that forces us out of the house for some healthy activity.

If you haven’t been sporty in the past, the pandemic is the perfect excuse to take a risk on community sports.  And if you can’t participate, I highly encourage you to watch and enjoy some fun in the spring/summer sun or consider helping out as a volunteer or assistant with one of our local sports associations – my office can connect you!  Find a few friends, join a for-fun league or take the season to go watch and build up your confidence.  Batter up! You wont be disappointed!

The Ward three office has office hours from 9am to – 3pm daily at 100 Malvern Drive (next to the Ruth E. Dickinson library).  Email is the best way to connect ( , and it is recommended that you include your phone number and address so that we can best support your request.  Regular updates on community activities are dispatched through a weekly email – if you are interested in community activities and events, please reach out to be included or consider following our office on facebook at David Hill Barrhaven.

Feature photo: The Nepean Junior Eagles made Barrhaven proud as they were Ontario champions last year.