Barrhaven Vaccination Rates Among Highest in Ottawa

By Charlie Senack 

Some parts of Barrhaven have the highest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the city, according to new data released by the Ottawa Neighborhood Study. 

The data, which is from September 27, is based on the eligible population for those 12 and above. All communities in Barrhaven have over 80 per cent of their eligible populations vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. 

As of Friday, 89 per cent of Ottawa residents aged 12 and older had received one jab of a vaccine, and 83 per cent of eligible residents have received two doses and were considered fully vaccinated.

Here are a look at the localized numbers for one COVID-19 vaccination based on eligibility:

  • Old Barrhaven West: 87 per cent of 17,753 people. 
  • Old Barrhaven East: 86.3 per cent out of 25,223 people. 
  • Chapman Mills: 86.3 per cent out of 11,223 people. 
  • Stonebridge/Half Moon Bay/Hearts Desire: 91.8 per cent out of 17,910 people. 
  • Rideau Crest – Davidson Heights: 85 per cent out of 14,021 people. 
  • Riverside South – Leitrim: 92.7 per cent out of 15,976 people. 

When it comes to being fully vaccinated, Old Barrhaven West has 83.2 per cent of their eligible population with two doses; Old Barrhaven East has a similar number at 81.8 per cent; Chapman Mills is at 81.6 per cent; StoneBridge/Half Moon Bay/Hearts Desire is at 87 per cent; Rideau Crest – Davidson Heights is at 81 per cent; and Riverside South – Leitrim is at 87.9 per cent. 

The three communities in Ottawa which have the highest rates of fully vaccinated individuals are: Vars at 100.2 per cent; Cumberland at 93.5 per cent; and Richmond at 90 per cent. 

Ledbury-Heron Gate-Ridgemont, which has also seen some of the highest rates for COVID-19 infections within the city of Ottawa, has the lowest rate of full vaccination, at 61.7 per cent. There are 11communities in Ottawa that are below 70 per cent for full vaccinations. 

The rate of COVID-19 infections in Ottawa have for the most part remained steady over the last few weeks, as Ontario deals with a fourth wave of the virus. As of October 2, there were 398 active and confirmed cases within the city, and 19 in hospital, including 11 in ICU. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ottawa has recorded 596 COVID-related deaths. 

Since the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus was reported in Ottawa in March 2020, the city has reported a total of 29,953 laboratory-confirmed cases. 

In Barrhaven, the COVID-19 outbreak at St. Benedict Elementary School in Half Moon Bay has now grown to 19 positive cases. The school will be closed for at least two weeks as a result, with the cases being spread through various cohorts. No staff at the school are believed to be infected. 

Also in Barrhaven, the Ottawa Catholic School Board is reporting one student positive case at St. Mother Teresa High School; one student case at Monsignor Paul Baxter Elementary School; and one student case at St. Luke Elementary School. The numbers were updated on October 1. 

In the public board, Longfields Davidson Heights is reporting one active student case; Berrigan Elementary is reporting one active student case; Chapman Mills is reporting two active student cases; and Farley Mowat is reporting one active student case.