St Luke Students Raise Over $1,900 And 60 Boxes Of Food For Barrhaven Food Cupboard

By Charlie Senack, Barrhaven Independent

Students from St. Luke Elementary School on MountShannon Drive have raised over $1900 and 60 boxes of food for the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. 

School resource teacher Ruth Peddle said it’s something they try to do at least a few times a year. 

“Every year, the students and staff participate in a Lenten Project where we raise money to go to a local charity,” she said. “We chose the Barrhaven Food Bank this year as our selected charity, so we could help those so close to home.”

To make it a fun activity, an incentive was created.  

“If the students could raise a total of $800, the class that brought in the most money would get the advantage of duct taping our principal, Mrs Weisenberg to a wall,” said Peddle. “Competition was high, and the total amount highly surpassed our goal, we collected an amazing total of $1976.72 plus 60 boxes of food.”

The most money was watched by a grade ½ class, which brought in a little over $400. 

Money and food items raised by St Luke students will go a long way to help support local residents who are struggling. (Provided)

Students said they wanted to do their part to help those who are struggling in the community. 

“Giving food to the community makes me feel better, because I’m gonna help somebody who needs it,” said grade 6 student Emma. 

“I liked bringing in food and money because I want people to have food,” echoed Hunter, who’s in grade two. “I was excited when our class won and we will get to tape Mrs Weinsenberg to a wall.” 

That’s expected to happen sometime in May. 

The Barrhaven Food Cupboard has recently called on the community for more support in recent months, after their demand for service has increased. Calls for assistance have raised about 12 per cent during pandemic times, with more people out of work and the cost of groceries climbing. 

A Canada Food Price Report says grocery bills this year are expected to rise anywhere from five to seven per cent — the highest increase reported in 12 years. Dairy products have seen the highest jump of about six to eight per cent, with bakery products and vegetables going up five times seven per cent. For fruit, that number is anywhere from three to five per cent. 

Those additional costs are also impacting food cupboards, who are also having to pay more.

Earlier this year the Barrhaven Food Cupboard needed to purchase an additional fridge to store their products. 

Anyone who wishes to donate to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard can make a financial donation online, or drop food items off in bins located at most local grocery stores.