Academic Achievement Propel Student’s Future

Focus on Youth, By Phill Potter

Name: Abigail Ahronson (Abi)

Age: 18

School: St. Francis Xavier High

Grade: Graduated in June

Parents: Kristen and Geoff Ahronson

 Sisters: Ava (15), grade 10, St. Francis Xavier High, Audrey (10), grade 5, St. Jerome Elementary

Pets: Chester (dog), cockapoo

Part-Time work: “I work for the clothing store Bluenotes at the Billings Bridge location.”

Favourite Subjects: “My favourite subjects are Biology, Chemistry, and English. Starting in September I will be studying Health Science at Algonquin College.”

What are you reading for pleasure?

“Not one to read for pleasure, but if I did, it would most likely be science based and educational.”

What are your greatest accomplishments?

“My greatest accomplishments are my many academic achievements throughout my high school career. These include the awards in Biology, Chemistry, English, General Science, and the Ontario Scholar Award. There is also Honour Roll for three years, and my Cadet career.”


“I haven’t been able to participate in school activities due to them being suspended because of covid, but during a regular year I would participate in sports like football and rugby.”

Career Goals:

“My goals for my future include finishing my Pre Health Sciences pathway to advanced diplomas and degrees program at Algonquin, and to then study Medical Radiation Technology at Algonquin.”