Mystic Carnivale Fundraising Gala

Abbotsford Community Centre, which offers programs, fitness classes and social activities for Ottawa seniors, staged a reception on August 23rd.

The purpose of this event was a kick-off to Mystic Carnivale ticket sales. This fundraiser gala will feature circus performances, tarot card reading, a multi-course dinner and dancing in support of Abbotsford. Sponsors pictured here (left to right) are Branker Xavier and Marianka Berlin from Chartwell Lord Lansdowne, Jennifer Burns from David Burns & Associates, Heather Lafleur from Jack Uppal (Real Estate) Team in Barhaven and Bernie Brady from Carmichael Engineering.

Hamming it up the middle is Bruce Hill from Abbotsford! Other companies pledging their support include City Locksmith, Hulse, Playfair & McGarry, McCay Duff LLP, McKeen Metro Glebe, Stinson Fuels and Wholehealth Compounding Pharmacy. Tickets are available at