Barrhaven Author Launches ‘Legacy Of Villains’

Debut author Juliet Lockwood has announced the launch of her novel, ‘Legacy of Villains,’ a spellbinding enemies to lovers retelling that blends the worlds of Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast. The book went on sale March 21 and is now available on Amazon and other major online retailers and for regular order.

‘Legacy of Villains’ follows Jolie Hook, the daughter of the infamous Captain Hook, as she battles against the shadowy and charismatic Peter Pan in a dangerous game of love, power, and survival. When Pan kidnaps her father, Jolie must navigate the treacherous Neverwoods and face the secrets of the Hook legacy in order to secure his release. Along the way, she discovers the dark magic of Peter Pan and uncovers the truth behind his obsession with trapping her in his realm forever.

Born and raised in Ottawa and Barrhaven, with stops along the way in England and Boston, and returning home to reside in Barrhaven, Ms. Lockwood has a long-standing history with the written word. From her scholastic career, to being a lifelong member of the library, her early days at Jockvale Public School and the proximity to the Ruth E. Dickinson library, it all meant that she was never without a book in her hand. Ms. Lockwood tends to write what she likes to read: strong heroines, swoon-worthy morally grey love interests, and delightfully magical worlds.

Ms. Lockwood’s debut novel has already garnered high praise from readers and critics alike. One reviewer writes, “This book is an absolute gem – a dark and enchanting retelling that will have you hooked from start to finish. Juliet Lockwood is a master storyteller with an incredible talent for creating complex and captivating characters.”

Another reviewer says, “If you’re a fan of fairytale retellings, you won’t want to miss ‘Legacy of Villains.’ It’s a stunning debut novel that puts a fresh and exciting spin on two classic stories, with beautiful writing, thrilling action, and an epic romance at its heart.”

‘Legacy of Villains’ is available in print and e-book format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major online retailers. For more information about Juliet Lockwood and her work, visit her website at