Making Your Property Uninviting Key To Keeping Coyotes Away

With fall just around the corner, problems with coyotes in Barrhaven and the surrounding area are starting to surface again.

Urban green spaces that make Ottawa such a desirable place to live are also home to species of wildlife. Suburban areas often attract that same wildlife – like coyotes – for a variety of reasons. However, you can take preventative measures around your property to prevent attracting and encountering coyotes and other wildlife.

Last year, 476 coyote sightings were reported to the City. If you see one or more coyotes in your neighbourhood, you can report it to Service Ottawa online at, email or call 3-1-1. If a coyote is posing an immediate threat or danger to the public, call 9-1-1 immediately.

  • Coyotes are usually wary and fearful of humans.  But should you encounter a coyote, follow these important instructions:
  • Remain calm and slowly back away from the coyote
  • Do not turn your back and run
  • Stand tall, wave your hands, and make plenty of loud noises
  • When walking at night or evening, carry a flashlight to shine on and scare off the coyote.
  • Make your property unattractive to coyotes and other wildlife
  • Homeowners can take simple steps around their home to make it uninviting to coyotes and other wildlife:
  • Put out garbage on the morning of your scheduled collection day, not the night before
  • Properly store your garbage and organics in containers and use your garage if you have one
  • If you are doing your own composting, use enclosed bins and do not pile out in the open
  • Never leave pet food outside
  • If you have fruit trees on your property, remove all fallen fruit
  • Install motion-detector lights on your property to scare off coyotes and other animals at night
  • Place wire fencing around any fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Close off any spaces underneath decks, sheds and porches.
  • Clear any brush or tall weeds from around your home, as it can attract smaller wildlife that are prey for coyotes.

Protecting your pets

Cats and small dogs should not be left outside unattended as coyotes will deem them as prey. Also, never leave larger dogs outside as any encounter with a coyote may result in your dog acquiring a serious injury or exposure to disease and parasites.

When walking your dog, keep it on its leash and never let it chase a coyote. It may result in a serious injury to your dog.