Myles Egli, Brother Of Current Councillor, To Run In Knoxdale-Merivale

By Charlie Senack, Barrhaven Independent

It’s an open race in ward 9 Knoxdale-Merivale, where councillor Keith Egli won’t be seeking another term. But while his name won’t be on the ballot this fall, another Egli will. 

Myles Egli, the brother of current councillor Keith Egli, has announced he will run to represent the ward. 

“I have had the pleasure to live in this amazing community for 30 years and with that I have seen it flourish and thrive,” he said in a Facebook post. “I would like to see it continue to grow and would love to make an impact and help move the community forward.”

For a decade Myles has served as a member of the Executive Board of the Manordale-Woodvale Community Association, spending the last nine years as president. He’s also been an active member of the Knoxdale-Merivale Council of Community Associations, a community-driven council consisting of association members within Ward 9. 

Campaign platforms are still to come, but says he is looking to find out the concerns of community members. 

“I will be taking this job interview very seriously. Yes, I said job interview because that is what it is,” wrote Miles. “Every time I meet with one of you on your doorstep, on the street or at an event, you will be trying to determine if I am the best person to serve your needs over the next four years. I have confidence, as you get to know me and learn where I stand on the issues, you will discover that I am the best fit for you.”

Miles Egli, the brother of current councillor Keith Egli, has announced he will run for the position in Knoxdale-Merivale. (Facebook Photo)

Myles will be up against Sean Devine who is no stranger to the political landscape.  He’s been an active member of the Nepean New Democrats, running at both the provincial and federal level. Most recently he was their federal candidate during the fall 2021 election. 

After devastating tornadoes hit the Ottawa region in 2018, Devine was actively involved in the cleanup and rebuild of Arlington Woods, which received a brunt of the damage. 

“It’s a tremendous responsibility to fight for the needs of your community,” he said in a statement. “I know that I’m ready for the challenge. Having served my own community in a leadership role, and with a wide range of professional and volunteer experiences in community building, I know that I can work with residents across Ward 9 so that together we can build a community and a city that is sustainable, responsible, and forward-thinking.”

This is expected to be a crucial election with many political shakeups coming to city hall. Devine said he wants to bring new leadership to the table. 

“The people of Ottawa have had enough of a City Council overrun by divisive politics,” said Devine. “It’s time for councillors to act as independent voices, to work collaboratively and respectfully so that we can take on the serious issues our city is facing. People want reliable transit, safer streets for their kids, affordable housing, better cycling infrastructure, police reform, genuine consultation on development, less developer influence, less sprawl.”

Peter Anthony Weber and James Dean have also recently registered to run as council candidates in ward 9 Knoxdale-Merivale. 

At least six city councillors have announced they won’t seek re-election and are leaving politics altogether, with a seventh running in the Mayors race. That alongside two newly created wards will mean at least nine new faces will be sitting at the council table. Current Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has also announced that he won’t seek re-election, meaning a new person will also be at the helm of it all. 

Sean Devine, who has run for the NDP on both the provincial and federal level, is also running for city council in Knoxdale-Merivale. (Charlie Senack FIle Photo)