Barrhaven Receives Funding For Three New Elementary Schools

By Charlie Senack, Barrhaven Independent

To help the ever expanding community of Barrhaven, the Province of Ontario has announced three new elementary schools will be built. 

In a press release sent out April 26, Nepean MPP Lisa MacLeod, who is also the minister in charge of tourism, culture, and sport industries, said the $55 million investment will create 1,656 new student spaces and 127 new licensed child care spaces.

Half Moon Bay will receive a new $24.2 million public elementary school, with a $12.5 million public French school being built in Barrhaven south. That side of the community will also see a new $18.1 million Catholic elementary school. 

“Ontario understands that the families in Nepean deserve affordable child care that works and schools that enhance learning for our children,” MacLeod said in a statement. “I am proud of our government’s work to bring 1,783 new student and child care spaces to Nepean. This will ensure families and students have access to a quality learning environment for years to come.”

Ontario education minister Stephen Lecce said this investment is part of the Ontario government’s commitment to provide $14 billion over 10 years to support school construction, repair, and renewal.

“We are building new schools, building more affordable child care spaces, and building hope and opportunity for Ontario students as they learn in more normal and safer classrooms,” noted Lecce. “We believe that students deserve to learn in-person in state-of-the-art facilities that are internet connected, accessible, with modern ventilation systems, which is why our government is delivering a major investment that accelerates construction to get it done for parents, students, and communities.”

Last week the province announced funding for a new Catholic elementary school to be built in Riverside South, and a new public elementary school in Findlay Creek. 

The communities of Barrhaven, Riverside South, and Findlay Creek have all dealt with overcrowding concerns, in some cases almost doubling capacity. School yards are stacked with portables, and more are needing to be added each year. 

No timelines have been given on when shovels will be in the ground, or when the schools will open for enrollment.