OHSCA President Has a Passion For Politics

Focus on Youth, By Phill Potter

Name: Vincenzo Calla

Age: 17

School: St. Joseph High

Grade: 12

Parents: Rob & Milva

Brother: Anthony (15)

Pet: Buddy (Dog)

Part Time Work: “NOT A JOB, just what I spend many hours of my week on, and I take it just as seriously as a job** President of the Ontario High School Conservative Association (OHSCA)”.

Favourite Subjects: English, Religion, History, Drama

What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “Fantasy & Mystery Novels, Political Memoirs, Biographies & Commentary.”

Who are your favourite authors: “J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Alan Bradley.”

Greatest Accomplishment: “Building the Ontario High School Conservative Association into a more widespread group that is a place for all Conservative high school students from across Ontario and Canada to join together and share their passion for politics. In this, when I got to interview some big name MPs like Andrew Scheer and Candice Bergen, that is when I felt like what I wanted to do has surpassed my expectations, and that is when my team and I got even more motivated to make it bigger and better. Shoutout to the OHSCA team for your dedication and hard work!”

School Activities: Student Council Executive, Cappies Critic (when it functions), Drama Production

Other Activities/Interests: Political Content Creator. Social Media Manager for the Matt Triemstra Campaign in the recent Federal Election. Carleton Lodge volunteer (when it’s open!). Political Panelist on SiriusXM.

Career Goals: “Hopes to go to uOttawa to become an elementary school teacher.”

Comment: “School during the pandemic has really not been as bad as SOME of the media has portrayed it. Some parts are tough, especially quadmesters, but I think it’s time for there to be a focus on how it is impacting our mental health, instead of the constant talks of who is messing up what and when. Unfortunately, not very many politicians seem to understand this. Let’s work together to have a generation that’s more supported in mental health, and can create a world where mental health is really recognized as health, not just a wedge issue that makes political gains for the government or opposition.”