Matt Triemstra Named Nepean Conservative Candidate

With the next federal election expected to take place in the fall of 2021, the Nepean Federal Conservative Association has chosen their candidate. Barrhaven native Matt Triemstra will try to recapture the riding from the Liberal Party and unseat Liberal MP Chandra Arya.

Triemstra was selected by the riding association July 5. He and his wife, Shayla, have three children.

“Ottawa has always been my home, I was born and raised in the former municipality of Nepean,” Triemstra says n his bio. “One of my first jobs was lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons at the Walter Baker Sports Centre and I regularly attend church with my family in Barrhaven.”

Triemstra worked on Parliament Hill and has transitioned into the private sector. He is also the board chair of the Ottawa Mission.

“Working on Parliament Hill has given me the knowledge and understanding to get things done quickly and effectively,” he said. “In addition, a decade of working in the private sector has given me insight into what our economy needs in order to not get left behind. Most importantly as the Chair of the Board of the Ottawa Mission I believe that we need to be guided by compassion and a belief that we can never let partisanship get in the way of helping the vulnerable and those in our society who need us the most.

“Working in the private sector in government relations, I have advocated for companies in the oil and gas sector, stood up for religious freedom on behalf of priests and religious organizations and supported small businesses across the country. And yet, despite working on behalf of groups who have often gotten the short end of the stick from Trudeau’s government, I was still named one of the Top 100 Lobbyists in the country. Now I want to take the next step on behalf of all the Canadians I have advocated for and bring my voice into the House of Commons to fight for my friends and neighbours in Nepean.”