Third wave pushes small businesses to the limits

By Gloucester-South Nepean Councillor Carol Anne Meehan

The third wave is pushing our local businesses to the brink. This pandemic has been tough on everyone, but especially hard on the many small businesses and the workers they employ.   They have had to adapt, sometimes weekly, to changing regulations. What has not changed is their desire to serve and be good members of our community.

Let’s face it; it takes a special kind of person who is willing to put their family’s financial well-being on the line by opening a new business, who takes on all of those risks, sacrifices and hardships to provide essential items and services to our community. For many years, my late husband, Greg, was a small business owner. Let me say it was not a regular nine-to-five job, and the stress of meeting payroll even in good times was not always easy.  I cannot imagine how our local businesses have been able to hold on in these turbulent times.   I think of the constant worry, uncertainty and burden of constantly changing business modes to make a few dollars.   Try talking to a local owner about how taxing curbside delivery is on staff. 

I know many of us are doing what we can to shop and support local.  Over the past several weeks, I’ve been trying to highlight local businesses, helping you get to know the people behind the storefront signs, but I can only do so much.   Now that spring is here; I want to hear from you about the local businesses you’re supporting.   Who has the best coffee, best sandwiches, or the friendliest staff? You know what I mean.   Every business is working full out to get your attention, so let’s use word of mouth to help them advertise their products and hopefully survive.  

We are a community, and if we ever needed to work together, this is it. 

My weekly newsletter and the Barrhaven Independent are two places that I want to promote local as often as possible.  

Government grants only go so far. What is needed is for all of us to make the conscious choice to order and shop at a locally owned business. With another few weeks left in the current Stay-At-Home Order, let’s continue to support our local businesses, so when this pandemic passes, our local heroes will still be here, ready to serve our needs and support our community. 

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