Tyler Watt Again Seeking Nepean Liberal Nomination

Tyler Watt, a Registered Nurse and 2022 Ontario Liberal Party candidate, launched his campaign to seek the Ontario Liberal Party nomination for the riding of Nepean.

“Nepean is where I grew up–it’s a place to learn, to work, and a great place to call home,” said Watt. “Two years ago, I set out to represent the voices of Nepean at Queen’s Park, and we came so close,” Watt said in his launch video.

Watt, who finished second to Progressive Conservative incumbent Lisa MacLeod in the 2022 Ontario election, grew the Ontario Liberal Party’s share of the vote in Nepean by almost 15 percentage points, and came within 2,000 votes of winning the election. He finished with over 15,000 votes, the party’s best showing ever in the riding.

“I’ve talked to thousands of our neighbours who call Nepean home, and what I heard was clear. They want a provincial government that supports them. They want a better healthcare system that provides timely care, and schools where kids can achieve their very best”, said Watt.

“Nepean deserves someone who listens, who stands up for our needs, and who will bring the change we’ve been waiting for. I want to finish what we started two years ago, and be that new, strong voice for Nepean”, said Watt.