Ottawa Police Say There Is No Place For Hate in City

The Ottawa Police Service remains fully engaged with the local Jewish and Palestinian communities in Ottawa as the local impact from the conflict in Israel and Gaza continues to intensify.

“We are listening and we hear you,” said Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs in a statement issued Oct. 19. “Emotions are high as days go on and families remain worried about their loved ones. I want you to know that the Ottawa Police is committed to ensuring everyone’s safety.”

During the first week of the conflict, the OPS issued a statement saying they understand how the conflict there has affected the Jewish and Palestinian communities and many others in Ottawa. They emphasized that they are fully committed to community safety, and are actively engaged with our local Jewish and Palestinian communities to hear, understand and address their concerns and ensure their safety.

Police presence has been increased in areas of cultural and religious significance and will remain in place during these uncertain times. Among the places being monitored are the Ottawa Torah Centre and South Nepean Muslim Centre in Barrhaven to prevent antisemitic or Islamophobic events.

“Thousands of people have demonstrated in Ottawa and around the world over the last week,” said Stibbs. “I want to thank our communities for demonstrating in a peaceful manner. We expect that assemblies will continue. Police will continue to attend these events to protect individuals and their rights.”

Stubbs said the OPS intelligence and investigative units continue to work with federal and provincial police and security partners to monitor the ongoing situation.

 “There is currently no credible information about threats locally, but I want you to know we remain vigilant,” he said.

 “No one should live in fear. The increased number of hate crimes, and hate-motivated incidents, are concerning. We continue to encourage anyone who witnesses or experiences such incidents to report them to police. We will prosecute those who commit hate crimes to the full extent of the law.

 “Hate has no place in our city.”

The OPS encourages anyone who witnesses or experiences hate incidents or hate crimes to report them to police.

The Ottawa Police Service is closely monitoring potential targets and is engaged with both the local Palestinian and Jewish communities to ensure local safety.