Barrhaven Couple Starts Petition To Address Canada’s Health Care Crisis

By Barrhaven Independent Staff

A Barrhaven seniors home resident is calling on Canada’s political leaders to solve the country’s health care crisis.

Subhas Bhargava, 84, and his wife have filed a Petition e-4084 to the House of Commons, sponsored by Nepean Liberal MP Chandra Arya.

“It’s a call to action to our political leaders to provide a platform for a national conversation to find solutions for our deepening health care crisis,” Bhargava said.  “Long lineups at Hospital Emergency, doctors’ appointments or no availability etc. are painfully familiar to all of us.”

Bhargavas believes that  seniors, disabled and disadvantaged Canadians have particularly been neglected in care and treatment for a long time.

“The terrifying and shameful events and deaths in Canadian Nursing homes  were  exposed during the pandemic,” he said. “We are an ageing society with low birth rates potentially creating an out of control and permanent Health care crisis. Dementia care alone in eight years, will require the equivalent of the entire health care budget of today.”

Barghavs says the crisis can be turned into an opportunity, if Canadians work together.

“Canadians have the talent and resources to solve the crisis by working together with researchers, technologists, experts and the public to rebuild the healthcare system  with an action plan,” he said.

For information on how to sign Petition e-4084, visit

The Baghravas family has started a petition to call on Canada’s leaders to solve the national health care crisis.