Increased police presence expected in Barrhaven

Victim of attack in front of Greenbank Farm Boy reported to have concussion, broken ribs

By Charlie Senack, Barrhaven Independent

A heavier police presence is expected in Barrhaven after a teenager was jumped and beaten up outside of the Farm Boy on Greenbank Road, Friday evening.    

The incident which took place at roughly 9:30 p.m. on Fri., June 11, included a large group of teenagers, according to multiple people who spoke to the Barrhaven Independent.    

A Facebook post on the Barrhaven Bulletin Board by someone who works nearby said “a teenager was jumped by 15 punks” outside of the grocery store.    

According to another witness that spoke to the Barrhaven Independent under the protection of anonymity for her safety, said the attack was ugly and violent.

“I was near the Canadian Tire gas bar, and I heard some noise and saw a crowd gathered in front of Farm Boy,” she said. “A lady came out of Farm Boy with her groceries, and after she got in her van, she drove up and yelled at him to get in. The gang dispersed, but after she drove away with the boy, it looked like they got in their cars and followed her.”

Another woman who works in the mall said she saw a group of teenagers acting suspiciously around the time of the incident.

“There are always a lot of teens around there and the skate park at night. To be honest, I thought they were acting like children last night, the way they were running all over the place,” she told the Barrhaven Independent, also under anonymity.

The Barrhaven Independent has reviewed dash cam footage which was taken around the time the swarming took place. It’s believed the footage was shot about 20-30 minutes after the teen was attacked.  It showed a handful of teenagers running through the parking lot, jumping in and out of cars, and some also riding nearby on bicycles. Another individual said a “big pack” of teenagers were spotted behind the Winners in Marketplace.

Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder said on Facebook Saturday afternoon that her office has been made aware of the incident and police are investigating.

“I have been in touch with the police and what I can share is that the teen is doing ok, the incident is being investigated and the police are increasing their presence in Barrhaven,” she said.

According to one source who the Barrhaven Independent has decided to not name, the male victim who is in his young teens suffered a concussion and has broken ribs. The person also said the group of teens involved “are known to cause problems” and hang around the nearby skatepark — a sentiment many others we spoke with shared.

None of the details surrounding the events have been confirmed by police. The Barrhaven Independent has reached out to Ottawa Police for comment but at the time of publication has not yet heard back. This is a developing story. More to come…